Dave Cameron

I have been feeding my horses CopRice for over 8 years. The reason I feed CopRice is simple, the health and wellbeing of my horse is a priority and goes hand in hand with their performance.

When feeding CopRice I know my horses are getting all their nutritional requirements, and because I have experienced the benefits of feeding rice based feeds firsthand I will not switch to any other brand.

Two-time senior Australian Show Jumping Champion, Dave Cameron, has the equestrian life in his blood. Born and raised in Forbes NSW to a horse loving family; Dave’s father was a successful competitor and horseman while his mother a reputable trainer of young horses and avid horse lover. It was a natural progression for Dave to take on an equestrian lifestyle.

Dave was a successful junior and young rider competing at Agricultural, Royal and World Cup shows throughout Australia. He was the 15-17yrs and 17-25yrs state show jumping champion for 3 consecutive years and the winner of the 1st young rider event at Sydney Royal in 1999. After completing university and working for 4 years as a high school PDHPE teacher, Dave took the plunge to become a professional rider and coach in Sydney.

In 2008 Dave made the long show trip with a team of horses all the way to Cairns where he won the illustrious Cairns high jump, jumping 2.32 meters; only 17cm short of the world record. The Sydney move found Dave turning his hand to many facets of the equestrian world, not only show jumping but coaching, eventing, breaking, training and even stunt riding. He has appeared on the TV series Wild Boys, Australia: the documentary, and he even rubbed shoulders with Johnny Depp on the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

Dave is very passionate about his coaching and training. He coaches all levels and has produced many elite level horses and riders. In 2014 Dave was nominated for the Domestic Athlete of the Year Award while his mount RR Dyranta won Domestic Horse of the year. With many wins and places on the World Cup circuit, two Australian senior titles and two NSW team titles in the past few years, Dave continues to set his sight on new challenges.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/redleaflodge

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