The CopRice Story


Nutrition that stacks up.

Is there any feeling more satisfying than owning happy, healthy, contented animals? Whether you have a beloved family pet, adored equines, dust-bathing backyard chookies, working dogs or livestock that are your livelihood, the desire to see them thrive is part of your DNA. As a bunch of devout animal lovers, pet owners, horse riders and agricultural nutrition nerds ourselves, we get it – it’s part of ours too.

As well as love and good management, great nutrition underpins the kind of jumping-for-joy vitality you want for your animals. And that’s where we can help.

There’s a whole lot of science and expertise that goes into crafting feeds that meet all the nutrient requirements for your animals’ different life stages, and taste great too.

Your goals are our goals. It’s our passion (and our mantra) to provide your pets, horses and livestock with nutrition that stacks up.


CopRice encompasses a portfolio of branded foods for pets, horses and ruminant species. We innovate, formulate and manufacture nutritious, high-quality, value for money food that is tailored to all life stages of animals.  With a manufacturing footprint across Australia and New Zealand, our aim is to deliver ‘nutrition that stacks up’ for animals and their owners.

We’ve built our CopRice business around the long-term, sustainable success of our farmers and pet lovers. We share their passion and commitment for their animals and want to see them realise their potential. Providing great nutrition is how we make a difference. 

For pets, that includes superior nutrition for dogs and puppies, and cat food and cat litter created in Australia with ingredients that are sourced fairly and sustainably. For the equine sector, our horse feeds nourish horses at all life stages. And in the livestock sector, we’re renowned for our nutritionally balanced rations. Our ruminant nutritionists scientifically formulate feed mixes that best match farmers’ feeding systems using the latest research from around the world and extensive commercial experience.


CopRice is a subsidiary of Ricegrowers Limited.

SunRice’s proud history dates back to the establishment of a single rice mill in the Riverina region of New South Wales in 1950. Today SunRice has operations – including processing, packing and value added food plants – across Australia, the USA, the Middle East, the Pacific and Papua New Guinea.

SunRice supply almost 50 countries with diverse, innovative and nutritious rice food products. Through its food ingredients and foodservice divisions, it contributes to thousands of other brands and businesses around the world.

SunRice is a major player in the domestic market as well, supplying a staple food for households around Australia.  

For more information visit SunRice Australia.