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Philip Gale

Philip Gale

Born and raised in the rich dairying country found in the far north-west corner of Tasmania, Pip has a rich heritage in the dairy industry. Following on from a successful and recognised career in dairy business management, he has spent the last 20 years providing technical nutrition and farm consultancy services across Australia and New Zealand.

Pip has provided technical nutrition consultancy to many of Australasia’s leading dairy nutrition companies, along with some of the largest corporate dairy farming enterprises. A deliberate focus on transition cow management has supported improved animal welfare outcomes on both sides of the Tasman. Recent studies have focused on strategies to mitigate urinary Nitrogen on grazing farms, a topic of ongoing research.

To continue as one of Australasia’s renowned dairy nutrition leaders, based purely on the outcomes that I am able to help dairy farmers achieve. This is a union of applied technical nutrition and production system modeling in order to support environmentally and financially sustainable dairy businesses.

Shyamal Das

Shyamal Das

Whilst born in a city, Shyamal’s passion for agriculture and farming came from an early age and led him to pursue agriculture studies from secondary school all the way to post-graduation at The University of Melbourne.

The complex nature of Ruminants and Ruminant Nutrition led Shyamal to broaden his expertise through extensive public service work, agriculture extension, education, farming system research and feed manufacturing.

Working for DPI Victoria formed six prime lamb producers group in northern Victoria and supporting primary producers during the 2002 drought.

Shyamal’s passion for nutrition and commitment to providing others with real solutions always centred around maximising the efficiency of home grown feed resources, keen to try the latest adaptation of scientific advances in the form of technology and nutritional supplements for improvement in farm profitability.

To be an accomplished feed mill nutritionist renowned for his ability to provide technical solutions in the form of stockfeed pellets and supplements, for the sustainable improvement of livestock productivity, reproduction, health and welfare.

To develop feed solutions grounded in fundamental science and applied animal nutrition able to provide innovative solutions for a win-win outcome.

Ellen Fitzgibbon

Ellen Fitzgibbon

Originally from NE Victoria and lover of dogs and all things bovine, Ellen is particularly passionate about the future of Australian Dairy. Ellen strives to provide her clients with practical, and applicable, science based advice, with the profitability of the farm business front of mind.

Ellen has previously provided technical support to farm businesses in North East Victoria, Tasmania, and the Goulburn Valley. She is a believer in bringing teams together to formulate success on farm, and has worked with a number of veterinarians and consultants to achieve excellent results for dairy, sheep, and beef operations. Ellen’s particular areas of interest are heifer rearing, transition management, and fertility.

Ellen’s journey began with a Bachelor of Veterinary Bioscience, followed by post graduate research in ruminant nutrition and bovine fertility. Her research on markers of fertility in colostrum was awarded the AIA Richardson Memorial Award in 2015 for outstanding contribution to agricultural research. A passion for transition cow management and heifer rearing, led Ellen to go on to become an accredited InCalf Advisor for Dairy Australia. Ellen also stands as a committee member for the Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition.

An optimist at heart, Ellen is always looking for a better way forward. She is excited to be managing the Coprice model farms and plans to develop new practices and products to improve the production and profitability of farm businesses, the welfare and longevity of the animals, and re-awaken the passion within the people of dairy.

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