Every ingredient in CopRice feed is selected for its nutritional value and is developed to meet the specific dietary needs of animals across their life stages. 100% balanced goodness ensures your livestock thrive on CopRice.

Dairy Nutrition

Maximising production from your high performance dairy herds requires a broader focus than pasture alone. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive feed solution to meet your cows’ nutritional needs during every step of the production cycle for optimum health and productivity.

Throughout the course of a year, the nutritional requirements for a dairy cow change according to her metabolic state, stage of lactation, level of milk production, and quality and availability of pasture. Understanding the relationship between these factors is critical to optimising milk solids production, and maintaining the health and wellbeing of your herd. Combining Australian cereal grains with research-tested nutrition, field-proven studies and industry leading quality assurance programs, our nutritionists can deliver a tailored nutrition program to meet the needs of your dairy herds across their lactation cycle.

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