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CopRice produces markets an extensive range of pellets, concentrates and loose blends to provide your cows with a nutritionally-balanced ration to best match your feeding system and other feed sources. Each ration is scientifically formulated by ruminant nutritionists using the latest research from around the world and extensive commercial experience.


CopRice rations incorporate a nutritious mix of high quality ingredients. These include locally-sourced cereals, pulses, maize, vegetable protein meals, processed grain products and non-forage fibre sources. Each ration is then carefully balanced with vitamins, minerals, rumen buffers, yeasts and other ingredients to meet the specific nutritional requirements of dairy cows, heifers and calves at each stage of the lactation cycle and growth.


CopRice is a leading supplier of nutrition products to the Australian and New Zealand dairy industries. Our state-of-the-art facilities and world-class quality assurance standards mean you can be completely confident of the nutritional composition, quality and safety of every load. CopRice is the animal food division of SunRice, one of Australia’s leading branded food exporters.


CopRice nutritionists and advisors are there to help you get the best return from your investment in feeding. Depending on your requirements, we can develop and supervise an annual nutritional program, including the preparation of quarterly feed assays and feed budgets, ongoing technical support from a dedicated nutritional advisor and access to invitations to nutritional workshops and field days.

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