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Tailored Nutrition Solutions

Nutritionally Balanced Rations

CopRice FlexiBlends™ is an innovative way to deliver nutritionaly-balanced feed solutions that help to optimise the health and performance of your sheep and lambs. Each custom blend is created using locally-sourced grains, pulses, fibre sources and VitaMinBuf™ sheep concentrate pellets, specifically formulated to complement your available feed resources.

Quality Ingredients Mainly from the Riverina

Depending on your requirements, your CopRice FlexiBlends solution may contain whole or cracked barley, cracked lupins, corn, almond hulls and grape pomace, which provide the energy, protein and fibre to meet your livestock’s nutritional needs, nutritionally-balanced with new generation CopRice VitaMinBuf sheep concentrate pellets.

Customised to your Requirements

CopRice FlexiBlends allows you to take advantage of your available feed resources. CopRice nutritional advisors can develop tailored blends to match the specific energy-protein-fibre-vitamin-mineral requirements of your cattle based on what’s in your paddock, silo or hayshed.

How to Order, Feed and Store

CopRice FlexiBlends rations are ordered and invoiced via rural suppliers. Your order will be delivered direct to your farm ex-Coleambally in bulk or bulka bags. CopRice FlexiBlends should be stored under cover and ideally on a concrete or raised pad to avoid contamination. Feed to livestock within 60 days of delivery using feeders, troughs or spread directly onto pastures

CopRice FlexiBlends. A breakthrough in Livestock Nutrition!

FlexiBlends for sheep
FlexiBlends for sheep
Each tailored blend is created using locally-sourced grains, pulses, fibre sources and VitaMinBuf™ sheep concentrate pellets.
Supporting the Riverina
Supporting the Riverina
The former SunRice mill at Coleambally, NSW, is set to become the largest ruminant livestock nutrition facility in Australia.

Example of FlexiBlends base blends for sheep & lambs

Barley Lupins Corn Almond Hulls Grape Pomace Concentrate
Lambing Ewe
A supplement for ewes (pre-lambing or pre-joining) grazing dry pastures.
VitaMinBuf™ + Protein Sheep Concentrate Pellets
Sheep Maintenance
A complete blend to maintain sheep throughout joining, pregnancy, lactation and post-weaning.
VitaMinBuf™ + Protein Sheep Concentrate Pellets
Green Feed
A supplement for lambing ewes or weaners grazing green pastures or crops.
VitaMinBuf™ Ewe & Lamb Concentrate Pellets
Lamb Feedlot
A complete ration for weaned lambs entering the feedlot.
VitaMinBuf™ Lamb Concentrate Pellets
Lamb Feedlot + Corn

A high energy ration for finishing weaned lambs (35kg+) in feedlot conditions.
VitaMinBuf™ + Protein Lamb Concentrate Pellets

Capacity to Meet your Needs

CopRice FlexiBlends rations are produced at the former SunRice Coleambally rice mill. With more than 80,000 tonnes of storage and a potential capacity approaching 250,000 tonnes per annum, CopRice Coleambally is set to become the largest ruminant nutrition facility in Australia. As a division of SunRice, CopRice is delighted to be continuing our company’s long-standing investment in Coleambally and the Riverina.

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