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CopRice is the animal food division of Ricegrowers Ltd trading as SunRice, one of the largest rice food companies in the world and one of Australia’s leading branded food exporters.

We have been manufacturing high quality extruded and pelleted feeds for animals for over 30 years through feed mills located in Leeton, Coleambally (NSW), Tongala and Cobden (VIC). Leading supplier of animal nutrition products to the companion animal and livestock sectors, our range of pelleted and extruded feeds is formulated using the latest nutritional research to ensure the best results for your animals. We are committed to safety, quality and continuous improvement.

We take pride in our quality excellence by maintaining accreditation under international standards for quality and food safety management systems.

Our Vision

At CopRice we have built our business around the long-term, sustainable success of our farmers and the communities we serve. We share your passion and commitment for your animals and want to see them realise their potential. It’s why every ingredient in our feed solutions is selected for its nutritional value and our recipes are developed to meet the specific dietary needs of animals across their life stages. And it’s all because we believe providing great nutrition is how we make a difference.

Our Mills


Railway Avenue
Leeton NSW 2705

Freecall: 1800 029 901
Phone: (02) 6953 0422


Corner L Graylands & Warrnambool Roads
Cobden VIC 3266

Freecall: 1800 267 742
Phone: (03) 5558 2500


Finlay Road
Tongala VIC 3621

Freecall: 1800 267 742
Phone: (03) 5859 3999

Our History

CopRice has been manufacturing high quality extruded and pelleted feeds for animals for over 30 years through feed mills located in Leeton (NSW), Cobden and Tongala (VIC).

Our history stems back to when the mill in Leeton was established in 1978. The mill initially produced meals for stockfeed that utilised ground hulls and rice pollard. In 1980 a steam pelleting press was added to the mill which allowed CopRice to have its own range of pelleted stockfeed. Local pig farmers were among the first to utilise these custom blends. Very soon after this, CopRice expanded into a large range of branded products for equine, canine and livestock animals. The development of stockfeed milling enabled CopRice to further evaluate rice milling by-products through its own research and development program. Today, CopRice Leeton is a fully automated feed mill that relies on its high standard of service and quality to meet its customer demand.

We have full accreditation in the safe manufacturing of stock feed, being accredited under the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Systems Management programmes of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) along with the Australian based Stock Feed Manufacturers Association “FeedSafe” Program.

All of our state of the art manufacturing facilities produce high quality, consistent products for the Australian domestic market along with a number of specialised products for export.


SunRice proud history dates back to the establishment of a single rice mill in the Riverina region of New South Wales in 1950. Today SunRice has operations – including state-of-the-art processing, packing and value added food plants – across Australia, the USA, the Middle East, the Pacific and Papua New Guinea.

SunRice supply almost 50 countries with diverse, innovative and nutritious rice food products, and through our successful food ingredients and foodservice divisions, contribute to thousands of other brands and businesses the world over.

We’re a major player in the domestic market as well, supplying a staple food for households around Australia.

For more information visit https://www.sunrice.com.au/consumer/about

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