Premium Layer

Premium Layer

  • High amino acid profile for improved egg size and nutrient value
  • Good calcium levels for hen's health and eggshell strength
For growth & body weight maintenance
For growth & egg production
For bone strength & eggshell quality

High quality, complete pelleted feed formulated specifically to provide a highly nutritious, balanced diet for healthy hens and to promote egg production and good hen health.

Based on rice and rice bran, excellent source of Linoleic acid (omega 6 fatty acid) and essential amino acids to help your hens producing large, good quality eggs with great nutritional value. Rice and rice bran are added to a blend of high quality ingredients, fortified with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids to aid the hens to achieve a healthy life, good egg production and shiny, healthy feathers.

CopRice pellets contain high levels of calcium to ensure good shell strength and quality – the calcium:phosphorus ratio is at an optimum level to provide a good balance for bone strength, optimum egg production and a healthy life.

  • High quality protein and balanced amino acid profile
  • Excellent essential fatty acid profile from rice bran
  • Good calcium levels for hen health and eggshell strength
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet

Available in 25kg Bags, 800kg Bulker Bags & Bulk.

Nutrient Levels Per kg Feed

(On an as fed basis)

Typical Analysis
Crude Protein
Min. 16%
Crude Fat
Min. 4.5%
Crude Fibre
Max. 8.0%
Energy (ME)
Min. 2,500 kcal
Min. 3.5%
Min. 0.50%
Max. 0.45%
Other minerals
Vitamin A
Min. 8,000 IU
Vitamin D3
Min 2500 IU
Vitamin E
Min. 15mg
Vitamin K
Min. 2mg
Vitamin B1
Min. 1.5mg
Vitamin B2
Min. 4mg
Vitamin B6
Min. 3mg
Vitamin B12
Min. 15mg
Min. 100μg
Pantothenic acid
Min. 8mg
Folic acid
Min. 0.5mg
Min. 20mg
Min. 0.3mg
Min. 6mg
Min. 0.75mg
Min. 75mg
Min. 0.2mg
Min. 60mg
Linoleic acid
Min. 1.5%


Cereal grains Wheat Rice Barley Sorghum Vegetable Protein meals Calcium carbonate Di-calcium phosphate Essential Amino acirds Lysine Methionine Threonine CopRice Premium Layer premix Salt phytase enzyme xylanase enzyme

Feeding Instructions

  • Ensure CopRice Premium Layer pellets are available to hens at all times.
  • Hens can consume approximately 100g to 140g per head per day.
  • Always ensure that hens have access to cool, clean water at all times.

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