The Ballinger Family

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Hayden and Sheree Ballinger, together with their four children, operate Ballingal Farm, in the western districts of Victoria. A multi-generation operation, Hayden returned home after tertiary education and time working with DPI, to manage the farm in 2009. Invested in the future of the farm Hayden purchased additional land and built a new rotary dairy. Today the family contribute land, cows, and machinery, and are responsible entirely for the management of the operation.

Farm Overview<

Farm Overview

The Ballinger’s run a 450 Jersey cow dairy farm in a very productive area of the states Western Districts, Naringal. The farm is 180Ha with a seasonal calving pattern and animal efficiency of 1.2kg MS/kg  liveweight. With an annual rainfall of 735mm, the Ballinger’s feed a ration of pellets, pasture, home grown silage and hay and brought-in fodder as required.

Farmer's Goals<

Farmer's Goals

The Ballinger’s like to keep their farming system simple and efficient. Their main goal is to maximise farm profit using available resources.  They view the farm as a tool to service their personal goals, maintaining a good work-life balance and a wonderful place for their young children to grow up within.

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