Feeding lambs? Don’t forget to put petrol in the tank!

Challenging harvest conditions means there are large on-farm stocks of feed grade barley and wheat. Value add nutrients to finish your lambs through summer and into autumn with CopRice Lamb Finisher, a complete ration for lambs being finished in a feedlot or grazing declining pastures.

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A safe start for sheep feedlot rations

CopRice Flexiblends™ delivers balanced feed solutions. Flexiblends Lamb Safe Start is formulated to safely introduce lambs to grain-based supplementary rations.

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Give your lambs the best start, with Safe Start

CopRice Flexiblends Lamb Safe Start is a specially-formulated low starch ration designed for safe introduction of lambs into feedlot or containment areas.

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Green pastures need a boost

It’s wonderful to see paddocks full of green feed after widespread rains during autumn. After so many months (and years) supplement feeding, it will obviously be tempting to allow mother nature to take care of your ewe’s nutritional requirements over winter and spring. 

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Grainfed lambs make history

While many Australian lamb producers revelled in record lamb prices during spring, two Leeton lot feeders can lay claim to having made history by setting a string of records for the nation's highest-priced pens.

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