CopRice Green Acres

Grain Free for Grass Fed

Nutritionally Balanced Rations

CopRice Green Acres™ is Australia’s first integrated range of nutritionally-balanced, grain-free rations specially formulated to comply with Pasturefed Cattle Assurance Scheme (PCAS) guidelines. These loose blends incorporate grain-free ingredients, such as legumes, GMO-free canola and high quality agricultural by-products that are carefully balanced using advanced grain-free concentrate pellets. Whether you’re seeking to optimise growth rates and development in calves and weaners, attain critical mating weights in heifers, finish steers to market specifications or maintain body condition in your cows, these innovative loose blend rations can maximise the profitability of your grassfed beef enterprise.

Quality Ingredients Mainly from the Riverina

Depending on your requirements, each CopRice Green Acres solution may contain a combination of legumes, canola meal, almond hulls and grape pomace, which provide quality sources of energy, protein and fibre to meet your livestock’s nutritional needs. Almond hulls are the outside skin of the almond fruit, similar to the fleshy portion of peaches. Grape pomace meal comprises dehydrated skins, pulp and stems that remain after pressing grapeseed for oil. These ingredients, which are abundant in the Riverina, provide a nutritious and palatable feed source for livestock.

Advanced Grain-Free Concentrates

Each CopRice Green Acres ration is carefully balanced using advanced grain-free concentrate pellets to boost protein and nutrient content in the total diet. Each concentrate is produced using quality vegetable proteins, such as legumes and GMO-free canola, and ‘next generation’ vitamins and minerals to optimise livestock health and well-being. These concentrates DO NOT contain cereal grains, cereal by-products or ionophores.

Complement your Pasture, from Start to Finish

CopRice Green Acres base blends are available for every stage of production and all classes of cattle. From creep feeding calves and weaners right through to finishing steers or maintaining condition in your cows and bulls, CopRice Green Acres rations can help you to achieve your feeding goals. Blends can also be tailored to specifically match your pasture conditions or other available feed resources.

How to Order, Feed and Store

CopRice Green Acres rations are ordered and invoiced via rural suppliers. Your order will be delivered direct to your farm ex-Coleambally in bulk or bulka bags. CopRice Green Acres blends should be stored under cover and ideally on a concrete or raised pad to avoid contamination. Feed to livestock within 60 days of delivery using feeders, troughs or spread directly onto pastures

CopRice Green Acres Grain-Free Blends for Cattle

Crude Protein (%) Energy (MJ/KB) Almond Hulls Grape Pomace Meal Canola Meat Pellet Cracked lupins or legumes Molasses-Oil Blend Grain-Free Concentrate Pellet
Beef Maintenance 10 10
Beef Breeeder 13 12
Calf Creep 18 12
Beef Finisher 16 12

Capacity to Meet your Needs

CopRice Green Acres blends are produced at the former SunRice Coleambally rice mill. This repurposed site has a storage capacity of more than 80,000 tonnes, enabling feed ingredients to be sourced, securely stored and blended throughout the year. With a potential capacity approaching 250,000 tonnes a year, SunRice Coleambally is set to become the largest ruminant nutrition facility in Australia.

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