Give your lambs the best start, with Safe Start

CopRice Flexiblends Lamb Safe Start is a specially-formulated low starch ration designed for safe introduction of lambs into feedlot or containment areas.

New CopRice Flexiblends Lamb Safe Start is a low starch ration designed for safe introduction of lambs (>25 kg) into feedlot or containment areas. This specially-formulated loose blend of barley, cracked lupins, canola meal-maize pellets and soybean hulls provides a rich source of energy, protein and fibre in a complete, palatable and easily-digested ration.

Added CopRice VitaMinBuf Lamb concentrate pellets provide a balanced source of macro and micro-minerals, vitamins, anionic salts, rumen buffer, yeast culture and a rumen modifier to optimise growth and safeguard the health of your lambs.

This ‘next generation’ concentrate provides a balanced calcium-to-phosphorous ratio to support bone development and anionic salts to minimise the risk of urinary calculi.

The added rumen buffer and yeast culture help to maintain healthy rumen function, reduce the risk of acidosis and improve digestion; while Bovatec* (lasalocid sodium) helps to optimise liveweight gains and feed conversion efficiency, and aids the control of coccidiosis.

CopRice Flexiblends Lamb Safe Start should be slowly introduced over a 7–10 day period before transitioning to the finishing ration. Upon entry to the feedlot, open the feeder slides to 5 mm for 1–5 days to provide approximately 300 g/head/day before opening the slides to 8 mm for the next 5–10 days to provide approximately 600 g/head/day.

At Day 10, once the self-feeder is half empty, fill the remaining capacity of the self-feeder with CopRice Flexiblends Lamb Feedlot. This allows the induction ration and finishing ration to blend together safely. Keep feeder slides at an 8–10 mm gap for the remainder of the feeding program.

Ensure lambs have continuous access to the blend, a plentiful supply of quality roughage and clean water. Lambs should be drenched and vaccinated at least 10–14 days prior to entry into the feedlot to optimise health and performance.

Given the complex interaction between minerals, do not add or supply other mineral sources, such as limestone, magnesium oxide (Causmag*), dolomite, salt, blocks or loose licks, while feeding CopRice Flexiblends Lamb Safe Start.

CopRice produces an extensive range of quality nutritional solutions to match the exact nutritional requirements of your sheep throughout the production cycle and season.

Scientifically-formulated by qualified nutritionists, each ration contains carefully-selected Australian-grown grains, legumes, macro and micro-minerals, vitamins and other quality ingredients.

CopRice rations are produced at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and using world-class quality assurance standards, so you can be completely confident of the nutritional composition, quality and safety of every load.

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