The De Cicco Family

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We at CopRice are fortunate enough to partner with Benevento Park Holsteins. A multi-generational, family dairy business, the De Cicco Family represents a strong and prosperous future in the Murray Dairy Region. Established in 1963 by Fred’s father, the family share the workload between Fred, his wife Sonyia, and one of their sons, Daniel. Each member of the family has specific focus areas, and together they make a formidable team. As a business, they currently excel in producing exceptional quality home grown feed, high milk production, and reproductive and feed conversion efficiencies out of their registered Holstein herd.

Farm Overview<

Farm Overview

The family farm comprises of approximately 250 hectares in total, with the milking area including 100 acres of annuals, 60 acres of perennials, 20 acres of grazing lucerne, and 18 acres of fescue. Average rainfall on the property is approximately 450mm, and the whole farm has the capacity to be irrigated with both permanent and temporary water allocations.

The milking herd includes 250 Holsteins with liveweights of 680+KG. Their breeding program is focussed on producing structurally sound, fertile cows, with exceptional udders. The current feeding system includes a partial mixed ration (system 3), offered on a fully concrete, centre alley feed pad. The cows utilise pasture at all times of the year, and are offered CopRice pellets.

Farmer's Goals<

Farmer's Goals

Their main goals as a dairy business are to increase the health and production levels of their herd, add value to their operation over time with land and genetics, and to ensure that their business remains flexible, avoiding additional costs and complexity. You’ll see the largest smile on the DeCicco family faces when their prized cows are healthy, milking well, and harnessing their exceptional gene pool.

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