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CopRice Tongala's primary role as part of SunRice is the production of high energy stock feed from the vast amount of rice milling byproducts. From our stock feed mill here in Tongala, we produce stock feed in pellet form for Dairy, Beef Cattle, Sheep and Horses.

The rice based pellets that CopRice produces for dairy cattle are high energy. CopRice dairy pellets boost milk quality and output and add condition to dairy cattle. There are many different protein level dairy pellets available and selecting the right one depends on the type of pasture consumed by your herd.

The Tongala feed mill has tried to reduce the confusion of feeding dairy cows by introducing 4 seasonal rations that coincide with different stages of lactation.

The Early Lactation Ration, Joining Mix, Summer Special and the Cow Conditioner are all formulated to feed at particular times of lactation. All of these products contain Vitamins and Minerals, Calcium, Sodium Bicarbonate and Rumensin. CopRice also offers a Premier range which includes Availa-4 and Availa Zinc.


Tongala Mills Products


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