Sheep Optimiser Pellets

CopRice Sheep Optimiser Pellets are a highly digestible energy source specifically formulated to balance the nutritional requirements of all classes of sheep in all grazing situations.

  • Ideal for managing body condition score in ewes or as a supplementary source of nutrients for lambs grazing protein-rich pastures
  • Rich source of energy (12.8 MJ/kg) and protein (13%)
  • Balanced source of essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health and performance
  • Buffers for improved rumen function and reduced digestive disorders
  • Available in bulk and 800 kg bulker bags



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The Lifetime Ewe Management program stresses the importance of managing body condition score of ewes in order to optimise conception rates, lamb survival, weaning weights and lifetime wool production. Providing supplementary feed at certain stages of the production cycle (e.g. pre-joining through to lambing) is a relatively easy and cost-effective method of achieving these goals.

CopRice Sheep Optimiser Pellets are ideal for managing body condition score in ewes when available pastures may not contain sufficient energy and nutrients required for optimal health and performance. They are also suitable for maximising weight gains in lambs grazing protein-rich pastures (e.g. lucerne, clover and brassicas) by providing a highly digestible energy source.

CopRice Sheep Optimiser pellets are specially formulated to provide a balanced blend of energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and buffers required for optimal livestock health and performance. Registered feed medications (e.g. BovatecĀ® or EskalinĀ®) can be included upon request to reduce the incidence of coccidiosis and acidosis.


Feeding Guidelines:

  • CopRice Sheep Optimiser is ideal for feeding to all classes of sheep in all grazing situations, including pastures, summer crops and stubble.
  • Determine the correct feeding rate based on the energy requirements of your sheep and a realistic assessment of available pastures.
  • Commence feeding once pasture quality begins to decline.
  • Introduce pellets over 7 to 10 days to allow the rumen to adapt and to decrease the risk of digestive upsets.
  • Ensure livestock have access to adequate roughage and clean water at all times.
  • Do not feed as a stand-alone or feedlot ration.

Quality Pellet Formulation

CopRice Sheep Optimiser contains quality ingredients, selected from cereal grains (wheat, barley, rice), canola meal, lupins, rice bran, wheat bran, lime, salt, buffers and a quality vitamin-mineral premix. All ingredients are uniformly ground and thoroughly mixed into a steamed pellet, meaning stock receive the same balanced ration with every mouthful. The free-flowing pellets can be handled through an auger and can be fed out using troughs, self-feeders or lick feeders.


Nutrient Specifications

Nutrient  Analysis (DM)
Metabolised energy (min.) 12.8 MJ/kg
Crude protein (min.)  13.0%
Starch (min.)  35.0%
Crude fat (max.)  7.0%
Calcium (min.)  1.5%
Phosphorus (max.)  0.75%
Salt  1.0%

*Nutrients in dry matter, nominal moisture maximum 12% as fed


Amount of energy provided by CopRice Sheep Optimiser*

Feeding rate (g/head/day)  MJ delivered (MJ/head/day)
200  2.25
400 4.51
600 6.76
800  9.01
1000  11.26

*Assumed nominal moisture maximum 12% as fed



WARNING For sheep and lamb use only. Do not feed to horses, poultry or other non-ruminant species.