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Lamb Finisher Pellets


CopRice Lamb Finisher Pellets are a high quality complete ration specifically formulated for finishing lambs grazing declining pastures or in lotfeeding situations.

  • Rich source of protein (16%) and energy (12 MJ/kg)
  • Balanced source of essential vitamins and minerals for optimal lean tissue deposition
  • Buffers and registered feed medications for optimal health and performance
  • Feed in combination with quality roughage
  • Available in bulk, 800 kg bulker bags and 25 kg bags


CopRice Lamb Finisher Pellets provide a balanced and highly digestible source of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal health and performance during finishing. CopRice Lamb Finisher Pellets also contains the following buffers and registered feed medications:

  • Acid Buf™, sodium bicarbonate and bentonite to reduce the risk of acidosis and digestive disorders
  • Urine acidifying agent (Ammonium Chloride/Ammonium Sulphate) is added to help reduce the risk of urinary calculi
  • Bovatec® (lasalocid sodium) to reduce the incidence of coccidiosis


Feeding guidelines

  • CopRice Lamb Finisher Pellets can be fed at any time after weaning but ideally lambs should have a liveweight of at least 30 kg.

  • Introduce pellets over 14–21 days to allow the rumen to adapt and to reduce the incidence of digestive problems.

  • Feed in conjunction with quality roughage (i.e. hay or straw).

  • Ensure sheep have access to cool, clean drinking water and clean water troughs regularly.

  • Monitor sheep and remove any ‘shy feeders’ from the feedlot.

  • Monitor lambs regularly, particularly for symptoms of acidosis (e.g. diarrhoea, bloating) or water belly. Remove affected lambs and treat immediately in consultation with your local veterinarian, animal health specialist or feed supplier.




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Quality Pellet Formulation

CopRice Lamb Finisher contains quality ingredients, selected from cereal grains (wheat, barley, rice), maize, lupins, canola meal, rice bran, wheat bran, oat meal, lime, salt, a vitamin-mineral premix, buffers and registered feed medications. All ingredients are uniformly ground and thoroughly mixed, ensuring optimal digestibility and utilisation. The free-flowing pellets can be handled through an auger and can be fed out using troughs, self-feeders or lick feeders.



Nutrient Specifications


Analysis (DM)*

Metabolised energy (min.) 12 MJ/kg
Crude protein (min.) 16.0%
Crude fibre (max.) 12.0%
Crude fat (max.) 7.0%
Calcium (min.) 1.5%
Phosphorus (max.) 0.75%
Salt (max.) 2.0%


*Nutrients in dry matter, nominal moisture maximum 12% as fed.

WARNING For sheep and lamb use only. Do not feed to horses, poultry or other non-ruminant species.