Ewe and Lamb Pellets

CopRice Ewe and Lamb Pellets are an ideal pasture supplement for adult sheep, including ewes and rams at joining, ewes before and after lambing and dry ewes, wethers and store lambs. They are a highly digestible steam pelleted supplement. The pellets are formulated with the optimum balance of energy and crude protein sources, selected to avoid digestive upsets and supply ample supplementary nutrients in a variety of different production situations, including drought.

CopRice Ewe and Lamb Pellets contain essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements with added rumen buffer to help buffer the rumen to minimise the risk of acidosis and digestive upsets.


Feeding guidelines

  • CopRice Ewe and Lamb Pellets should be introduced gradually over a period of at least 14 days to allow the rumen to adapt. Acidosis may occur if pellets are introduced too quickly, there are sudden changes in the amount of pellets eaten or if there is not enough roughage being eaten.
  • In drought situations, the best time to commence supplementary feeding is before too much body condition is lost. Supplementary feeding should commence when half the flock reaches lean or store condition.
  • If there is no paddock roughage available, a roughage source should be fed at a level of at least 30% of the diet. Hay or straw is ideal.
  • Pellets should be introduced at a rate of no more than 50 g/head/day for adult sheep (25 g/head/day for weaners) and increased gradually to the full drought ration over three to four weeks.



Suggested Feeding Rates

Class of Stock

Frequency of Feeding Amount (kg) head/week
Dry Ewes & Wethers (40kg BW) Once Weekly 3.50 kg
Ewes with Lambs Every 2nd Day 5.00 kg
Weaned Lambs (8-12 weeks) Every day  3.00 kg
Weaners up to 8 months of age Every 2-3 days 3.50 kg



Adaptation Steps

  CopRice Ewe & Lamb Pellets
(% of Ration)
Roughage Dry Matter
(% of Ration)
Step 1 : Days 1-3  0 100 (1.20kg/head) Daily
Step 2 : Days 4-5 20 (0.24 kg/head) 80 (0.96kg/head) Daily
Step 3 : Days 6-8  40 (0.48 kg/head) 60 (0.72kg/head) Daily
Step 4 : Days 9-10  50 (0.60 kg/head) 50 (0.60kg/head) Daily
Step 5 : Days 11-12 60 (0.72 kg/head) 40 (0.48kg/head) Daily
Step 6 : Days 13+ 80 (0.96 kg/head) 20 (0.24kg/head) Every 2nd Day



Ingredients selected from

Cereal grains (wheat, barley, rice and/or sorghum), rice bran, wheat bran, ground oat meal, canola meal, limestone, rumen buffer, salt, CopRice Sheep Vitamin and Mineral premix.


Nutrient Specifications



Crude Protein Min 16.0%
Metabolisable Energy Min 11.5 MJ/kg
Crude Fibre Max 12.0%
Crude Fat Max 5.0%
Salt Max 1.1%

Analysis: nutrients in dry matter, nominal moisture 12% as fed.’ Under the Nutrient Analysis table