Quality Assured

An integral part of our business management is our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. CopRice has implemented five quality systems in all of our plants. These systems are world recognised and include GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP, ISO9001 and FeedSafe.


Code of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

The Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice was developed in 1969 as an industry-government document reflecting agreed standards and practice for the manufacture of theraputic goods. The code has in fact been used in this way up to the present, with revisions to accommodate new technology and new concepts of control and with necessary changes in emphaisis to minimise the risk of error. The Code, whilst being an agreed reference point for licensing, is also a distillation of national and international experience regarding the principles, requirements and precautions necessary to safeguard product quality.


AS/NZS ISO9001:2000

All CopRice manufacturing sites operate in accordance with the ISO90001:2000 Quality Management System and ave been accredited with this system



All CopRice manufacturing sites operate in accordance with the HACCP9000 Quality and Risk Management System and have been accredited with this system.


The FeedSafe accreditation recognises that all CopRice sites have met the quality requirements specified within the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for the Feed Milling Industry, which has Commonwealth Primary Industries Ministerial Council endorsement. Certificates are issued annually to manufacturing sites who have undergone third party audits which verify compliance with the Code.The FeedSafe system has been developed by the Stock Feed Manufacturers Council of Australia.


PFIAA (Pet Food Industry Association)

The Pet Food Industry Association of Australia is proud to promote standards of excellence in the pet food industry through consideration of the needs of pets and the community; promoting the benefits of responsible pet ownership and self regulation through industry standards.


SQF 2000

The SQF 2000 System is a risk management and preventive system that includes a Food Safety Plan and Food Quality Plan at Level 3 implemented and operated by CopRice Leeton to assure food safety and quality (Level 3).


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