CopRice Pig Pellets

CopRice provides a full range of high quality pig feeds designed for the producer who wants the results to meet today‚Äôs market. Complete and balanced pelleted and mash feeds are available to meet varies production system requirements. Please call CopRice on 1800 029 901 for further information.

The below table is a guide.  If carcases are too fat more severe restriction should be practised.  If market is buoyant more generous feeding will increase throughput and growth rates.


CopRice Pig Feedling Scale Guidelines



 Amount/day (kg)
Piglets to 4 weeks
Pig Starter ad lib
Piglets to 8 weeks Pig Creep ad lib
Piglets to 12 weeks Pig Weaner ad lib
Growing Pigs to 18 weeks Pig Grower ad lib
Growing Pigs to market Pig Finisher ad lib to market - boars to scale - gilts;
19th week 2.1
20th week 2.2
21st week 2.3 (max)

Breeder 2.5 to 3.5 depending on age, condition, environment and workload.
Gilts pre-farrowing

2.5 to 3.0 depending on stage of gestation and condition. 
Gilts lactating
Lac Sow
To 4.5 depending on condition and litter size. 
Gilts weaned
Breeder 2.5 depending on condition (up to 4.0).
Sows pre-farrow


 2.0 (summer) to 2.5 (winter) with up to a kilo extra for poor condition.
Sows lactating

Lac Sow
To 6.0 depending on appetite, litter size and condition. 
Sows weaned
 Breeder 2.0 to 3.5 depending on condition.