Supplementing the pasture based diet

10 August 2014


A key profit driver on an Australian dairy farm is the utilisation of pastures and conserved forages. To maximise production potential and complement good quality pastures, a balanced ration supplemented with concentrates will assist in increasing the herd’s milking potential above and beyond the limits of a pasture only diet.

Concentrates can be given:

  • to fill seasonal feed gaps
  • Allow pasture growth and utilisation to be optimised
  • Ensure that cows are on a rising plane of nutrition at joining
  • Deliver vital vitamins, minerals, medications and buffers that may not be adequate in a pasture only diet.

As the season changes it may be necessary to change protein and energy levels in the concentrates fed to your herd, so that it suits the forage quality and the herd’s requirements, enabling your herd to perform at its best. The concentrate should be balanced for nutrients that limit production. 

During Spring, pasture is in abundance and as a result, excess levels of protein in the diet are often found. During the spring time, high energy, lower protein pellets (such as CopRice 12% (12MJ, 12% Protein) and CopRice 12% Extra Energy (13MJ and 12% Protein) are fed, designed to maximise utilisation of the protein delivered by the pastures, and to control fermentation in the rumen.  Pasture utilisation can be maximised and a profitable level of milk production achieved, while maintaining cow health if the right balance of nutrients are met.

For advice on matching the correct pellet to your herds nutritional requirements, speak to a CopRice nutritionist today 1800 267 742.