Transition Cow Diets

31 July 2014


21 Days (3 weeks) before calving is the critical time to get the transition diet right for the springing cows. The correct nutrition over this period is the key to reducing health problems, increasing in calf rate and assisting in achieving higher production over the whole lactation.

When planning an effective transition diet, a balance of protein, energy, fibre, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, trace minerals and DCAD level (Difference between the Cations (sodium and potassium) and the Anions (chloride and sulphur) in the Diet) must be maintained. Testing of feed and calculating the DCAD value should be done to achieve the correct ration to feed during the transition period. Your CopRice nutritionist can assist you with this process.

CopRice has scientifically formulated a Lead Feed supplement designed to be fed to transition cows at 2kg/head/day or at half the milking ration feedrate. CopRice Lead Feed is designed specifically to balance the DCAD level in the diet and help to get the herd ready to produce in the milking herd and reduce the rate of post calving metabolic disorders such as:

  • Milk fever
  • Ketosis
  • Acidosis
  • Retained Placentas
  • Lameness

A successful transition diet will also help to:

  • Increase milk production
  • Save time and money spent on treating sick and downer cows
  • Reduce culling rates
  • Increase in-calf rates
  • A transition feed program costs $20 - $60 per cow and can return up to $200 per cow.

For more information contact CopRice on 1800 267 742 and speak to our nutritionists or check out the Dairy Australia Website


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