Energy Intake and its link to Fertility

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July 2 2014

Farm pro tability is linked to herd fertility. Culling empty cow is an easy option but replacements are costly. Producers can take a long term strategy considering herd structure, herd nutrition and mating management to avoid huge replacement cost. Getting nutrition right means ensuring an energy rich ration is fed around calving, early lactation and joining to get her in calf at next joining. The ration should also be well forti ed with trace minerals and vitamins.

Feeding the Joining ration is recommended to commence three to four weeks prior to the start of joining and continue throughout joining period. Maize based joining ration (pellet) is highly desirable as Maize is a very good energy source and cool on the cow’s rumen. A large proportion of the starch in Maize escapes the rumen and is digested in small intestine to produce glucose. Glucose is the most ef cient source of energy for ruminants, thus enabling easier partition to body condition (weight gain) and ovarian follicular growth.

CopRice AusMaizing Pellet is well suited to feeding over the joining period as it is maize based and rich in energy.

Along with nutrition also pay due attention to:

1. Having sufficient heifers to replace older and less fertile cows;

2. Choosing bulls with higher ABV’s for daughter fertility;

3. Calving as many cows and heifers in the first 6 weeks of the calving period.

For more information on joining rations, call and speak to a CopRice Nutritionist,
or visit the Dairy Australia website: environment/Fertility