Increase your herd’s milking potential

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June 18 2014

While one of the  key profit drivers on Australian dairy farm is efficient utilisation of pastures, it is important to understand the role of concentrate supplements to help balance cows’ diets. This will assist in increasing the herd’s milking potential above and beyond the limits of a pasture only diet.

Concentrates can be used as follows.

• Fill seasonal feed gaps: Concentrates like pellets can be effectively used to manage seasonal variations in the quality of pastures; allowing your cows to continue producing to their genetic potential. Feed a high protein pellets in summer to complement low quality silage or hay and low protein, high energy in spring to complement high protein and lush grass.

• Allow pasture growth and utilisation to be optimised: Concentrate feeding can be used to manage pasture growth in the early part of the season to build a wedge for the cows and to also allow pasture to maintain optimum growth at a later stage. Overgrazing at an early stage is counterproductive.

• Improve energy status prior to and during joining: Fertility of dairy cows has been in the limelight for some years now. From calving through to joining, dairy cows are often in negative energy balance. Feeding a high energy diet during this period will help to lift the energy status of the cow and minimise the impact of the negative energy balance. 

• Deliver vital vitamins, minerals, medications and buffers that may be inadequate in a pasture only diet.

To help complement your pastures, speak to a CopRice nutritionist on 1800 267 742.