Late Lactation Checklist (KPI’s)

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June 4 2014

Depending on the region in which you live many farmers are drying off cows or in the early stages of calving. This time of year is one of the most critical times of the year and should be used as a time to review your total business. The following is a short checklist of some key performance areas which you should review and make sure they are being achieved to the best of your ability:-

1. Dry off – Cows require a minimum 6 week dry period (preferably 8 weeks) so make sure your pregnancy testing dates are cross referenced with your AI dates so as to ensure they marry up, so you can be certain of the dry period.

2. Cow Body Condition – Sample score your cows body condition so you can respond to make sure the cows are fed to maintain or gain body condition during dry period.  Ideally BCS between 4.5-5.5 is ideal.

3. Diet – Review all fodder on hand and send it away for feed testing. Upon receiving results review with your feed supplier/Nutritionist and formulate the early lactation diet and feed budget.

4. Pastures / Fertiliser – By this time of the year this area should have already been reviewed however if not sit down with your agronomist and plan your fertiliser application.  With El Nino on the cards try and have a contingency for a dry spring.

5. Staff – Conduct individual staff reviews and identify any skill shortages. Setting standard procedures for everyday jobs is important in maintaining a safe work environment as well as minimising any issues with your herd’s production or health.  

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