Nutritional Consistency and Livestock Performance


Nutritional Consistency and Livestock Performance


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April 23 2014

The performance of livestock is determined by a combination of genetics and environmental factors.  One of the key environmental influences is of course nutrition, which if not adequate, will limit the animals’ genetic potential and therefore production.

The aim of any feeding program is to identify the nutritional needs of the animal for a targeted level of performance or production and to deliver it uniformly.

Balancing the ration for essential nutrients such as protein, energy, minerals, vitamin and delivering these required nutrients in a consistent manner to the animal are critical to maximise animal production.  Nutritional consistency can be achieved when following factors are carefully considered and implemented:

• Regular supply and availability of feed ingredients

• Avoiding large variation in ingredients nutritional value 

• Uniform processing, mixing and delivery systems of that feed

• Micro-ingredients including add on feed additives are mixed thoroughly so daily intake meets animal need accurately. Too little and too much of such additives can be detrimental to animal health and expensive.

CopRice’s scientifically formulated pellets are designed to maximise not only your animal’s production performance but herd health and herd fertility as well. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities have produced high quality products consistently for many years giving livestock producers the confidence in achieving production targets.

CopRice has an extensive team of nutritionists and trained advisors available to assist producers across a wide range
of animal species on nutrition and livestock management.

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