Rice Bran


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 9 April 2014

CopRice is a division of Ricegrowers Limited (trading as SunRice), which is the only processor of rice in Australia. As such, CopRice has exclusive access to all by-products of the rice milling process including Rice Bran which is an excellent source of highly digestible energy and protein. CopRice strategically uses Rice Bran along with other key ingredients (Wheat, Barley, etc) to create balanced, palatable and highly digestible pellets.

Rice Bran is:

  • An excellent source of highly digestible and sustained form of Metabolizable Energy with no undesirable acidosis effect in the rumen environment

  • Rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants

  • High in digestible protein, vitamin E, B-vitamins (Thiamine and Niacin) an trace minerals (including manganese and Zinc)
Rice Hull
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