Better Performing Ewes are only a Flush Away


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February 12  2014

The supplementation of ewes with a high quality feed can make a dramatic increase to conception rates in the ewe flock. A positive change in the nutritional plane assists in triggering ewes to ovulate and in many instances stimulate multiple ovulations, which can boost the rate of twinning.  Research indicates a flushing program can trigger ovulations in ewes in poor condition (CS <2.0), these ewes without a nutritional flush would often not ovulate at all. A nutritional flush can also be used to condense the lambing period as the majority of sheep will respond simultaneously resulting in a shorter joining period.

A flush using a high spec pellet should be started 35 days prior to joining at a rate between 0.3 – 0.5kg per head to allow for the best results and ensure that the nutritional plane is on the increase (results can be seen by 14 days).  Carrying this supplementation through at a lower rate when rams join the flock can decrease the amount of early embryonic losses associated with the stresses of joining period. 

CopRice offers a Ewe and Lamb pellet formulated at 11.75ME and 16% protein which will more than adequately meet the requirements to increase the nutritional plane of your ewes.  Additionally, an Economy Pellet formulated to 12ME and 12% protein can be used to maintain your ewes’ condition during joining and the summer months.


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