Maize for more energy

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Corn sackWednesday 6 June 2013

It is time to start preparing your cows for joining for  next season. Leading up to joining, cows are under enormous pressure of  maintaining milk production, keeping in good health  and getting ready for joining again. In addition, cows  are also faced with unfavorable climatic conditions.  All these require a lot of nutrients, most especially  energy. It is therefore important that cows’ diet  during this period is able to provide adequate energy  while preventing or minimizing any health problems. 

One of the grains that can boost energy of dairy  cows is maize. It contains high level of starch, which  can improve energy supply to maintain production  and improve fertility in dairy cows.

Firstly, starch content in maize is comparable to  that of wheat but maize starch is safer because it is  slowly fermented in the rumen, minimizing acidosis  risk. This is more important in winter/spring when  effective  ber in cow’s diet is low, increasing the risk  of acidosis and displaced abomasum.

Secondly a high portion of maize starch will not  ferment in the rumen but will digest into glucose in  the lower gut. Glucose is a highly ef cient energy  source and will increase the total energy available to  the cow. Glucose is also a preferred energy source  for reproductive activities such as follicle production  and estrus cycling (heat).

Feeding a diet containing maize will help to lift  the energy status of your cows and increase their  chance of getting in-calf while maintaining healthy  rumen and milk production.

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