Feeding during Tight Times

Many farmers are struggling to make ends meet in the current climate and many on-farm expenditures are being closely looked at to cut costs. Some farmers have reduced feed rates or bought in cheaper (that maybe of lower quality) feeds to hopefully reduce cost. Whilst these reactions are necessary to critically assess the cost of your cows’ feed, it is equally essential to make sure your cows remain productive, healthy and fertile; otherwise reducing feed rate or buying cheaper feed may be detrimental to herd performance, thus negatively impacting profitability.

Cheap feeds are often low in energy, protein and other essential nutrients and are unlikely to meet your cows’ nutritional requirements. Also reducing concentrate feeding in the bail maybe achievable as long as you don’t cut your cows short on dry matter intake (DMI).

Inadequate DMI or feeding low quality feed will reduce the intake of energy and other nutrients, which can impact on body condition, herd health, fertility, and cow performance now and in the next lactation.

In summary, cheap feeds or reducing concentrate feeding are not always the answers to maintaining profitability. Seriously assess any cheap feed to see if it meets your cows’ nutritional requirements. Maintain adequate DMI so that your cows remain productive and healthy!

Remember, tough times like the current situation will come and go but your cows need to remain healthy and productive at all times and therefore make you money.

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