How Pellets differ from Grain

Achieving optimal levels of dry matter intake (DMI) is the first priority for improved animal production and performance. Pellets are a very effective ration input, as their small particle size (relative to forage) and low fibre (NDF) allow many cows to increase their total daily DMI.

Some other features and benefits include:

• Steam processing of pellets – better starch utilisation: up to 15% better utilization per kilogram of feed which can help to increase milk production, weight gain or improve herd health and fertility.

• Ability to customize rations – formulated specific to feedrate to compliment your pastures.

• Buffers & additives added uniformly – added at the correct feedrate ensuring each animal gets the required dose.

• No further processing required – complete feed; no extra time or labour to roll or mix rations.

• Even vitamin & mineral distribution – no selective feeding by cows, cows receive balanced vitamins & minerals in ration.

• Low dust – reduced inhalation of dust by people & cows, making a safer, healthier & more pleasant workplace.

• No risk of unpalatable or toxic substances associated with supplements.

• No contamination such as weeds, metals or chemicals.

• Quality guaranteed – you get the energy, protein, additives, vitamins and minerals you pay for.

Pellets are a smart choice for dairy farmers that want to reduce their labour, ensure their cows receive the correct additives and medications at the recommended rate and utilize up to 15% more of the bale feed delivered in the dairy.

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