What’s inside a Stockfeed Pellet?


Cereal Grains
Wheat and Barley which require grinding or hammer-milling are the main source of energy and starch in the pellet.

Processed Grain Products
Rice Bran: (Exclusive to CopRice) Highly nutritious product produced by polishing brown rice to white Rice.

Mill Mix  
A mixture of Wheat bran and pollard are produced from flour milling.

Ground Oat Meal Feed
A mixture of Oat bran and pollard, produced from flour milling.

Protein Meals and Legume Grains
Grains and/or meals high in protein can be used to lift the protein value of the pellets such as Lupins and Canola Meal.

Minerals and Vitamins
Vitamin and minerals are added to improve the required Nutrient content of the pellet.

Mineral ingredients called buffers are added to pellets to help stabilise rumen pH.

Making Stockfeed Pellets can be simplified into a 3 step process

Step One
The mill starts with grinding cereal grains and legumes. Grinding improves digestibility and helps to produce a hard and durable pellet. The milled grain is then combined with other ingredients; protein meals, processed grain products and additional vitamins and minerals.

Step Two
Once fully mixed, steam treatment takes place in a conditioner. The high temperature and pressure of the steam improves digestibility and enables the mix to pass through the pellet die.

Step Three
Once the pellets pass through the die, they are cut to the required length. The pellets are put through a cooler, to lower the pellet temperature.

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