Capturing the opportunity to finish lambs this season

A growing lamb that is required to reach marketable weight (40 to 44 kg live weight for the domestic market and 52 to 55 kg for the export market) needs a ration
that is well-balanced in energy and protein. A growing prime lamb requires a minimum of 11.5 Mega Joules of Metabolisable Energy and 16% crude protein to grow to its maximum genetic capacity, and the ration must also be fortified with an optimum balance of vitamins and minerals, and rumen buffer to ensure sound rumen health. Sound rumen health is essential for the most efficient conversion of feed into live weight gain. Often a Coccidiostat (such as Bovatec®) and Ammonium Chloride will also aid in giving the lamb the best production potential by helping to avoid the stresses of Coccidiosis and Urinary Calculi (commonly known as ‘Water Belly’).

Cereal grain, most commonly barley, has been used for finishing lambs by many farmers for years with mixed results. The fact is that grain varies in nutritional specification and often tests low in protein which is critical in laying down lean muscle. Results from feed testing laboratories have revealed a huge variation in grain quality and the consequences are that lambs take longer to reach market weight. There can also be a higher incidence of health issues such as acidosis when using grain.

If you’re considering finishing lambs or just supplementing ewes this season please call the CopRice Sales and Nutrition Team and let us help you take a step in the right direction.

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