High grain prices and feeding your cows

The current high price of Stockfeed and low milk price has caused some farmers to drastically reduce how much they feed their cows or even buy cheaper and lower quality feed. Cheaper and low quality feed will reduce your cost but may not necessarily be profitable. So consider carefully the impact of cheap feed or reducing the amount of feed to avoid any potential losses in cow performance and therefore profitability.

When making decisions on what and how much to feed your cows, it is important to consider in the longer term, the following factors:

• Overall herd health,

• Fertility

• Body condition

• Maintaining health, good rumen function, and the

• Production potential of your cows.

Cutting your cows short of feed can negatively affect their performance, which will impact on profitability. While it is critical to assess the cost of your cows’ feed, it is equally essential to make sure your cows remain productive, healthy and fertile. Recent discussion at a Field Day organized by the Department of Primary Industry indicated that dairy cows can still be profitable even with high feed prices. Too drastic measures may be counterproductive and reduce the profitability of your herd if the health, fertility and body condition of cows are significantly impacted.

Keep in mind that high feed prices will come and go 
but your cows need to be in good health and well fed at all times so that they can produce to their full capacity.

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