Non-Structural Carbohydrates

Non-structural carbohydrates (NSC or water soluble carbohydrates as they are also referred to) are the sugars, starches and pectins which make up a large part of the energy component in feeds.

• Pectins
Soluble and rapidly fermented in the rumen producing acetic acid which aids in determining milk-fat. Grasses are low in pectins (2-5%), while legumes contain higher quantities (7-14%). Pectins decline with increasing plant maturity.

• Sugars 
Glucose, fructose and sucrose. Simple sugars that are amongst the most rapidly fermented, and are readily digested as they reach the small intestine.

• Starch
Starch is the predominant storage carbohydrate found in plants and is 90% fermentable in the rumen. Cereal grains contain large amounts of starch, however the smooth covering of the seed provides the  rst barrier to digestion, and a protein ‘matrix’ surrounding the starch granules the second. It is proven that up to 30% of whole grain may pass undigested into the manure.

The optimum range for NSC for high producing dairy cows is 35-42% of DM. Below this we see poor rumen microbial growth and digestion and a negative effect on body condition and milk protein levels. Too much will lead to acidosis problems and a low fat test.

As part of the pelletising process at CopRice, grains are exposed to a combination of moisture, heat and mechanical grinding to both rupture the protein matrix and gelatinise the starch, thereby increasing overall digestibility.

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