Feeding To Achieve Genetic Potential

Why do two cows the same age, produce different amounts of milk over a lactation when they have been fed the same during this time? Health issues may affect production but generally speaking, if no health issues occur, the production difference comes down to the genetic merit of each animal.

Genetic Potential is the maximum level of a particular trait that an animal is capable of reaching. In terms of feeding dairy cattle we need to aim to feed at a level that best matches the genetic merit with due consideration for growth and stage of lactation.

Genetic merit of Australian herds has increased significantly over recent years with the availability of dairy genetics from all over the world. The challenge now is to feed and manage our herds to the extent where their Genetic potential is fully reached.

• Early life nutrition, i.e. good calf and heifer nutrition is paramount in setting up the foundation for a productive cow that produces well over multiple lactations and reaches her full genetic potential.

• For a milking herd, feeding to realise full production potential and yet managing sound health is essential for profitable dairying.

• Feed the ‘genes’ and they will express.

Feeding a high energy, highly digestible pellet during Early Lactation with adequate protein ensures your cows stay in positive Energy Balance and encourage feed intake therefore maximising the chance of the cow reaching her genetic potential for production.

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