Managing body condition in your Ewe Flock

The importance of maintaining your flock in good condition is critical for maximizing production. There are both long and short term bene ts to be gained. At this time of year you may be short of available feed or the feed available to your flock will be of poor quality. Poor quality hay will be low in energy and protein and high in fibre. Feed high in  fibre (NDF) restricts intake and therefore has a negative effect on daily overall energy and protein intake.

Ewes need to be in condition score 3+ leading up to and during joining to maximize conception rates and shorten your joining period which ideally should be 35 days.  Twin bearing ewes need a higher quality and quantity of feed. Twin bearing ewes close to lambing need approximately 20% more energy to help prevent metabolic problems such as ‘Pregnancy Toxaemia’ and to achieve lamb birth weights of 4-5 kg.

Supplementary feeding your sheep to maintain a constant condition score is an effective management technique. If condition score  uctuates it can cause metabolic problems as well as affecting wool production and strength.  Weaning lambs early in a tight season and finishing them in a containment area or feedlot can help to free up pasture for your breeding flock and meet market speci cations with your lambs. CopRice has a range of sheep & lamb products and years of expertise in this  eld, and would be happy to
assist with any enquiries.

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