Balanced Nutrition and Rumen Development

Newborn calves and young ruminants are offered a range of feeds and raised under various nutritional conditions. For a long time it was believed that feeding good quality forage in the form of hay promotes rumen development. Worldwide research has now proven that early intake of solid feed is related to the development of microbial fermentation in the rumen and also positively in uence the functional development of the rumen. Although forage consumption stimulates rumination, saliva production and muscular development of the rumen, forage fermentation does not provide sufficient concentrations of essential nutrients as chemical stimuli necessary for the development of rumen epithelium and rumen structural development.

Offered as a major part of the early weaning diet a nutritionally balanced Calf or Weaner pellet (12.5 MJ Energy and 18-20% Protein and fortified with essential trace minerals and vitamins) will allow proper development of the rumen epithelium characterized by the number of papillae as well as their length and width, in turn leading to increased absorptive capacity by the rumen epithelium. As a result, it is possible to achieve early rumen function and development through an energy rich supplement such as CopRice Calf and Weaner pellets.

Helpful hints to promote early rumen development

1. Offer a highly digestible and palatable Calf or Weaner Pellets. Keep it fresh as saliva contamination and  ies will reduce pellet intake.

2. Consider using additives to reduce risk from coccidiosis and rumen acidosis.

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