NEW 20kg Lucky Layer Free Range Pellets

3D_luckylayer_NEW LINE!!

We are pleased to announce that our new line of 20kg CopRice Lucky Layer Free Range Pellets is now available.

CopRice Lucky Layer is a perfectly balanced and complete pelleted feed providing all of your hen’s daily nutritional requirements.

It uses the finest ‘natural’ ingredients with added vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients, including high quality vegetable proteins to supply essential amino acids, great for egg production and size.

CopRice Lucky Layer is a vegetarian feed using only cereal and vegetable protein sources to deliver high quality protein to the free range hen.

CopRice Lucky Layer has no added hormones or antibiotics and contains an egg yolk pigmenter, derived from the marigold flower.


 To place your order please contact 1800 029 901 or contact your local distributor.

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