CopRice Rice Bran Pack Size Change

ricebran_20kgpelletsCopRice Rice Bran
pack size change

CopRice would like to update you on a change to the current 25kg pack size of our CopRice Rice Bran product. After continual feedback from the trade we have reduced the current pack size by 5kg.

The NEW updated pack will now be sold as a 20kg offering. The main driver behind the change was the ability to increase the turnover of the product being used by our consumer. In line with the pack size change we have also reduced the cost to you and also to the end consumer. The change has seen a per kilo reduction against the old pack size and price.

The new recommended retail price for a 20kg Bag of CopRice Rice Bran is $21.00.

To place your order please contact 1800 029 901 or contact your local distributor.