CopRice at Equitana

CopRice at Equitana

The CopRice team had a wonderful time at Equitana – and enjoyed meeting all of you who came to visit us! For those of you who didn’t make the trip to sunny Melbourne (and yes, it was actually sunny this time) here’s a bit of a look at Equitana from the CopRice perspective.

After a busy couple of months getting our stand design ‘just right’, making up show bags and printing extra brochures, we loaded up our truck and moved into the Showgrounds! As a major sponsor of Equitana, we had not just one, but two stands to set up. With an incredible team on hand to help with the heavy lifting, we managed to get everything in place without any big disasters, and we filled our specially made ‘mini silos’ ready for the days ahead!



The very popular ‘mini silos’. Full to the brim feed for yummy samples to take home for your horse.

Getting all the signage up around the ‘NutriRice Grand Pavilion’ took a little longer – with enormous stickers around both the outside of the building, and throughout the seats and floor inside, we were there quite late on the Wednesday night!


1. Putting up the huge stickers around the NutriRice Grand Pavilion.
2. Specially made floor stickers leading into the grandstands.


After a big sleep on Wednesday night, we were ready, as they say, to get ‘on with the show’


The completed outside of the NutriRice Grand Pavilion



We are pretty sure all these crowds gathered here just to look at the stickers!


The CopRice stand in the main exhibition pavilion was bright, fresh, and interactive. The hugely popular display promoted all our premium horse feeds, and took the opportunity to launch the new rice hull mini bales for stable bedding, which attracted a lot of interest.



1. The CopRice stand in the Epsom pavilion – before the doors opened
2. Mini bales of rice hulls – easy to handle and perfect for stable bedding!


With knowledgeable staff and expert nutritionists on hand to talk to (along with a plentiful supply of CopRice coloured jelly beans), there was never a quiet moment at the CopRice stand! Another very popular draw card to the stand were appearances by a number of the CopRice Sponsored Riders. These popular riders spent time each day talking to customers about the benefits of feeding CopRice feeds and signing autographs.



1. The always busy CopRice stand
2. Fiona and the famous jelly beans!


None were more popular than Stuart Tinney, dual Olympian and gold medal event rider, recently returned from a very successful World Equestrian Games in the USA. Huge crowds gathered at each of the appearance times for the chance to meet Stuart, have a CopRice poster signed and have their photo taken. CopRice also played host to popular new book ‘An Eventful Life’, which features Stuart, and signings of the book by the ‘stars’ were always loads of fun (and a little bit hectic).



1. Stuart Tinney and Shane Rose signing books
2. Stuart Tinney, Wendy Schaeffer, Emma Scott (and a cheeky Roger Fitzhardinge) handing out autographs



1. Stuart having a photo with some fans
2. Signing books ... with a huge jelly bean jar behind them


Along with our incredibly busy stand in the exhibition hall, CopRice was also naming rights sponsor, under its premium horse feed brand ‘NutriRice’ of the Grand Pavilion, a 5000 seat venue, which was sold out for all ticketed competition, entertainment and education events. With an eye-catching exclusive ‘satellite’ stand next to the main entrance of the pavilion, we had a wonderful time talking to the thousands of horse enthusiasts who filled the grandstands over the four days.


1. Sarah Friday ably manning the stand during one of the popular night time events
2. Gail, Fiona and Dean holding the fort during the final of ‘The Way of the Horse’


CopRice hosted a number of VIPs throughout Equitana, including distributors, retail stores, customers and the lucky winners of our ‘NutriRice Win a VIP Trip to Equitana’ competition.



Natalie, Kim, Heidi and David at the NutriRice Grand Pavilion (Heidi is holding onto the winning token)
2. Stuart Tinney, Heidi, Karen Tinney and our General Manager, Gerard Woods


We received this short note from Heidi once she returned home to Maryborough, Qld:

To Suze and the Coprice Team,

As the Winners of the Coprice Equitana Trip, On behalf of myself, David, Kim and Natalie I would like to thank you all for such a fantastic trip to Melbourne, everything was sooo organised, the accommodation was just outstanding and the lunch with Stuart and Karen Tinney was wonderful. Such lovely people.
We couldn’t have asked for anything better than the way we were treated.

Thank you once again COPRICE for a fabulous trip

Heidi Gear

On Sunday afternoon, before we started packing up to go home, we had the lovely task of drawing our ‘Win feed for your horse for a year’ competition winner. After hundreds of people had filled in the Horse Deals entry form and dropped them off at the CopRice stand, we drew out Maike Dorn’s name. Maike had made the long journey over from WA for Equitana, and we hope her horses enjoy their feed!

It took us a little bit longer to find a winner to the ‘How many jelly beans in the jar?’ competitions… Seems there are a lot of horse riders with a sweet tooth as we had tonnes of entries to sift through! We really enjoyed reading everyone’s entries – from the famous names (hello Olympians!) to the horse dentists (you know what that much sugar does to teeth, right?) to everyone who wrote us notes, and of course all the theories and calculations (we’d give you an A+ if it was a maths test!)

After all that we managed to narrow it down… The winner of the jar on display at the CopRice stand in the Epsom pavilion was Edwina Colvin from Blackwood Creek in Tasmania – her guess was incredibly only 1 jelly bean over the actual amount. The winner of the NutriRice Grand Pavilion jar was Nikki Tucker from Cowra, NSW with a guess just 21 jelly beans shy of the real number. We had quite a few guesses that were so very close, that we thought that they all deserved something for their efforts – so we are sending out consolation prizes to these clever people too.

And the answer to the most closely guarded secret at CopRice? The first jar contained 7323 jelly beans, and the NutriRice Grand Pavilion jar had slightly less at 6822!


1. How many jelly beans in the jar?
2. The hard working CopRice team (fuelled by jelly beans)

For the first time, Equitana is also being packaged as a feature on mainstream television. The One HD Special is airing on Saturday 4th Dec 5:00pm-7:00pm (AEDST). The filming predominantly took place within the NutriRice Grand Pavilion, so keep an eye out for us!