Equitana Winners Announced

NutriRice Win a VIP Trip to EQUITANA Melbourne – Winners!

CopRice is thrilled to announce the winners of their ‘NutriRice Win a VIP Trip to EQUITANA Melbourne’ Competition. It was a very successful competition, attracting many entries from far and wide. There are lots of happy horses out there munching on their NutriRice while their owners filled in entry after entry at www.coprice.com.au with the hope of winning the big prize (and with all the flights, accommodation, EQUITANA Melbourne tickets, VIP functions and lunch with Stuart Tinney included, who wouldn’t want to win!)

Sadly, there can only be one winner (or four in this case), and first place went to Heidi Gear from Tinana, Qld. Heidi and her three very lucky friends (including Natalie, who sold her the winning bag of Versatile!) will begin their six days of adventure on the 17th Nov.

The Queenslanders proved to be a lucky bunch, with Belinda Vorster, from Chambers Flat taking out the second prize – a CopRice prize pack valued at over $750.

Rounding out the Qld winners’ was Susan Bowie from Wamuran who is eagerly awaiting delivery of the third prize, a CopRice pack valued at over $500. I believe Susan’s daughter will be keeping her eyes peeled for the postman too!

Edging out the hot competition from up north for fourth place was a Victorian customer, Anne Sawall from Cape Clear. Anne has won a prize pack worth over $250.

The three prize packs are full to bursting with CopRice clothing, accessories, custom made CopRice horse wear, special CopRice stable equipment and NutriRice feed.