Stuart Tinney at WEG 26/10/2010

WEG Update - 26/10/2010

It was a great pleasure to be able to carry the Australian team flag and lead the Australian team into the main arena at the Alltech WEG tonight. Certainly a very moving experience. Australia being one of only a few Nations that have a full contingent covering all the disciplines we had one of the largest teams marching . I wish all our competitors fantastic luck,  from Reining, Endurance, Driving and all the Equestrian diciplines, through to the paras that go on at  the end of the championships. A great thanks to everyone that is involved in getting me here from my sponsors Coprice/NutriRice, Nature Vet, Bates, Horseland and Equestrian Australia and Australian Sports commission. My wife Karen who is working at home at the moments and is coming over soon, Vettori’s owners Pete O’Connell and Kathy Ward and his wonderful groom Amy who is looking after him as I speak.

We start on Thursday and I am truly now looking forward to the start.. so too is Kiwi! (Vettori) I will try to do short messages as we move through the Championships.

All the best



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