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August 2010




 The Sydney Show Jumping Club held its winter Championships on the 18th July. TE had a large contingent. Vettori owned by Kathy ward and Peter O’Connell, Panamera owned by Tim Game, GV Anzac owned by Olivia Bunn. Watermark Grayson owned by Sarah Ballard, Kinnordy Rubino, Kinnordy Genuine and Jaymee and Gemma. There was a fantastic turnout and in the end the last class had to stop as it was getting to dark. All horses jumped well over great courses and against some talented Show Jumpers. In the 1.20m Kinnordy Genuine placed 8th and in the 1.40m Tim Game’s Panamera came 6th.

Sydney Eventing held its Mid Week competition on the 21st & 22nd July at SIEC. Stuart rode three horses in the CNC* Kinnordy Rubino came 2nd Kinnordy Genuine was 8th and GV Anzac owned by Olivia Bunn went well but just out of a placing. Followed was the SIEC weekend. Stuart rode Nidhi Dev’s Murrabong Kinganui in the CNC* to finish in 2nd, just ahead of Olivia Bunn’s GV Anzac who placed 7th. Kinnordy Rubino was in
his first CIC** class and finished 12th. Sarah Ballard’s Watermark Grayson was in the CIC***, he did a great dressage test but after walking the XC course Stuart decided not to run as Grayson had not had enough starts this year, and it was a tough track. Stuart was recently nominated for Sportsperson of the Year within The Hawkesbury, awarding him a certificate of achievement and The Master award for Equestrian. On a larger
scale Stuart is resting 5th in the HSBC World eventing rankings.

You are probably all wondering about WEG and our preparation... well we are getting very close and Vettori and Panamera are well into their fitness campaign. With Sarah Ballard’s
‘Watermark Grayson’ also now been nominated. Busy times here at TE. All horses will compete at the Sydney International 3de. The 6 riders that are picked to represent Australia
will be announced on September 1st. The Australian based riders and horses will leave on the 13th September. There will not be a travelling reserve so all horses chosen will have to be fit and ready for WEG. We are hoping to maintain their fitness levels while in America. It will be about 2 weeks after leaving Australia they will compete. Vettori, Panamera and Watermark Grayson will be demonstrating the CCI4 star dressage test at Hawkesbury Riding Club on the 22nd August if anyone would like to see them!

It has been 10 years since The Sydney Olympic Games, in celebration of Australia’s gold in the Equestrian “Jeepster” will be making an appearance at The Sydney International 3de.
Times can be found on:

Last weekend after so much rain we were keen to get to an event and thanks to Silver Hills we had one! With Grayson winning the CNC** and Rubino 6th...Jaymee was 4th in the Pre-Nov
and Gemma 7th in the intro... But well done to Gemma who won the ‘Encouragement Award’.

Our New Zealand friends Team Twomey who are based with us also went well coming 2nd and 3rd in the CNC**.


and finally ...



Top:Jaymee on Tundra at Silver Hills

Bottom: Proud Gemma with her
encouragement trophy

most of you would know about ‘Cantering towards Kentucky’ a fundraiser and send off for our Australian Eventing team... Well it has been very popular and 2 weeks out all tickets are sold! (230) Contact Cheryl Sing if you would like to go on the wait list. (As all payments have yet to be received) All info on our home page Thanks to everyone who has supported the riders with buying tickets and donating gifts and sponsorship. Special thank you to those sponsors, who already sponsor the sport as a whole, have come up with some gifts for the auction. How generous, the riders we know are most appreciative. All we need to do now is have a great night to enjoy and celebrate their selection.

An updated list of main and silent auction items plus sponsor promo’s will be posted on from next week..

We would like to thank our owners and sponsors for their continued support. All our horses are fed Coprice and NutriRice only. Horseland for their quality horse products, Bates saddles which we and our horses could not be without. Nature Vet... with their vision to always move forward... new products and vet products. More information just link to their web sites.


Just a reminder that you thought the flies had just gone! Well stock up on your Ecomist as we are sure we saw the first of the flies this week!!



Sydney International 3DE Vettori, Panamera, Grayson, GV Anzac
(Jeepster appearance.)

That’s all for now, TE