Stuart Tinney: Nov/15

November was certainly an action packed few weeks for us here at TE. With 3 horses being prepared for Adelaide 4 star, other horses in work, lessons and a dressage comp there was not much time for anything else. Oh not forgetting the dreaded HSC with Gemma.

Adelaide 2015 was mixed for us; This year was certainly not our year however John and Jane Pittard's Pluto Mio came up on the leader board after a spectacular Cross Country round. Anna became unwell and after the dressage it was only fair to scratch her. War Hawk certainly needs more starts and time, but we feel there is a great future for him.



Above: Stuart with War Hawk, Pluto Mio and Anna Purna


Adelaide Statistics

1- All 3 horses were galloped every 4/5 days 6 weeks prior to their start at a 3DE (4 star)

2- 48 bags of ice were used in these 6 weeks after their gallops. A long with use of HIDEZ suits and the Zamar unit.

3- Every gallop outing took 6 hours (including post care).

4- 5 litres of Horseland Equinade Glo White shampoo has been used.

5- Over $2000 was spent on fuel, plus $1200 of junk food consumed over the whole trip!


TE would like to thank all their staff for 2015.

It's been a rather hectic year with some coming and goings.

Firstly we said ‘good bye' to Amy (McGregor) who had been a solid part of our team for a very long time. New pastures for Amy, we thank you for your time, care and effort whilst with us and wish you all the very best in your new ventures. We have also had a local Tahlia Hurley as a working student, well done Tahlia you did a great job. Plus our little Italian, D, always a smile, thanks. Also thanks to Roberta and Linzi you brightened the day, Emily, Amy, Thomas and Emma good luck for 2016, you all did a great job for us and the ponies. Plus Peter Miller our sturdy yard care taker (14 years I believe!) Most awesome care taker one could wish for :)



• ECOMIST for the stables and entertainment area- you will be everyone’s friend if you purchase a starter pack keeping those flies and bugs away !

• HORSELAND voucher, an array of wonderful horsey gear to choose from.

• A NEW BATES LUXE leather saddle!

• CEVA animal health products for your fabulous mount.



Above: Stuart on Anna Purna in Adelaide



Above: Stuart on War Hawk in Adelaide


With the 2015 eventing season almost over we are certainly all looking forward to the 'holiday season' but before we get too excited we have Wallaby Hill and Summer Classic showjumping to go yet.

Stuart and Gemma will be left to their own devices as Karen takes off on a cruise with her mum. (A promise that had to be fulfilled!) It will be an interesting 2 weeks at TE - maybe the Christmas news will be a 'cracker'!



5th/6th DEC: Wallaby Hill - Carlchen (3*)

Frenchy pre-lim. Cobra, Amigo and Tex for Rachael Lee as she is side lined after a fall at Adelaide.

Gemma: Thai 2* and Conny pre-lim.

10-13th Summer Classic show jumping (Gemma)

AGAIN To all our owners, sponsors and supporters we thank you for your continued support. All the best TE