Stuart Tinney: Oct/15


The past month has seen us compete at the Northside Spectacular Polo in the McCarrols six bar where Stuart came a credible 3rd on Queen Mary and Gemma 4th on Panamera. A great day and well done to Northside Riding Club for a well run event. Gemma was privileged to compete for NSW at the Interschool's Nationals in the top showjumping class, where the NSW team won by almost 100points! Unfortunately Gemma did not get selected for the eventing, which was disappointing however having a place on the NSW team for showjumping was in reflect better due to HSC, which Gemma is right in the middle of. Best of luck to all those stressed parents (I am one of those!!) plus the teenagers sitting HSC- GOOD LUCK :)



Above: Stuart on Queen Mary at the Northside Spectacular Polo


Above: Gemma on Panamera at the Northside Spectacular Polo


Spring has certainly arrived, slightly hotter than normal and possibly drier, which does not help the horses that are being prepared for Adelaide. Lots of careful planning for us, taking alot of care where we gallop them and compete them (until the rain comes!!)

Almost another year gone by plus the Olympics looming we are now head down (bottoms up!) The plan is to have our top 3 horses Pluto, Anna and Raffles (War Hawk) qualified. Our German horses, Queen Mary and Carlchen will go to Melbourne 3*** with the possibility of back up horses.

Canberra ODE

Canberra was certainly a hot weekend and testing on the horses. Stuart took it easy on his rides. Stuart took Carl, Q and Anna for a nice run round the CIC***. Queen Mary ran 3rd and Anna 5th. Carl who is greener had a glance off the arrow head out of the water, so Stuart tipped his hat and walked home. Carl has a very bright future so certainly did not need to run round the rest of the course.



Above: Stuart at Canberra ODE


National Interschool's

Nationals Interschool's for Gemma was not too busy with one show jump round per day! So time to study in between for Gemma (not sure how much was actually done!) Carlchen was part of the winning NSW team at 1.20m. The rest of the team were all fabulous riders, a standout. Thanks Cade Hunter, Maddie Sinderberry, Jess Rice-Ward, for making the week of Nationals fun :)



Above: Gemma and Carlchen at the National Interschools


Camden Youth Show Jumping Festival

Gemma after Nationals took Panamera and a new edition Skyline to the Youth Show Jumping, where she placed in every class. While Stuart went to Canberra with Carl, Q, Anna. The festival was a great 3 days, however very hot for all days. We also loaned Prado and My Thai to the NZ/NSW challenge where both horses performed exceptionally well taking the NSW team to win by 1 point! Both horses jumping double clear to clinch the win! Gemma's biggest class was the 1.35m accumulator where she took out first with the only clear round.



Above: Gemma at the Youth Show Jumping and My Thai and Prado competing in the NZ/NSW challenge.



We are offering 2 lovely horses FOR SALE. Due to Gemma doing HSC then her schoolies trip with her dad we would like to sell both horses before the summer months. Both horses are well performed and have very good education.  Ridden by Gemma to 1 star (Prado) 2 star (Thai) 

CopRice sponsors Goulburn

Goulburn was our last run before Adelaide (20-22nd Nov); we are hoping all three horses will get to Adelaide. The Pittard’s Pluto and Anna were well behaved, placing 5th and 6th in the CIC***, Corinna and Darren Huskinson’s War Hawk came in 8th. All horses pulled up well. With time penalties across country as the ground was suffering from no rain.  Kathy Ward and Pete O'Connell's Queen Mary did an outstanding job coming 3rd in the CCI**.



Above: Stuart on War Hawk and Anna at Goulburn. Photo credit Jenelle Christopher.



8th NOV- Hawkesbury dressage: Pluto/Anna/War Hawk plus Karen on French Evening.

ADELAIDE: 20-22nd NOV: Pluto/Anna/War Hawk