David Cameron: Oct/15


September was big month, we had come home all inspired from our overseas adventure ready to put the jumps up and get our horses to their peak performance for the Australian Championships. There was that added minor detail of Dave being the defending champion and the hope that we would see Dave and RR Dyranta on the sign at the gate the next year we drove in. I might have jumped out and taken a snap shot, jokingly saying to Dave “well fair chance you won’t have your face on that poster again haha” However we both knew Dave and Dyranta were on form and had every chance on being super competitive in the hotly contested Australian Championship senior field. We ventured down the Hume with 17 horses from home, 7 of which would be remaining the following week for Melbourne Royal and 6 of which Dave and I would be riding.

Aus champs got off to a great start with Nicolette and Dave placing 2nd in the Ruby Series the first day. River Ridge’s Dy posted a solid score the first two days in the senior to put Dave in good stead coming into the final in 2nd position. They were also part of the winning NSW Senior team. The morning of the final day was busy with the T&D team posting 3 of the 8 clear rounds out of a field of 70 in the Future Stars Class. Yalambi’s Cavalier and Dave jumped double clear into 4th, Nicolette finished 7th and Copabella Verdi owned by Lesley Hargreaves and myself had 1 down with a quick time in the jump off to finish 5th. It was bitter sweet though as his full little brother won the class with Brooke Campbell on a double clear! The Mini prix followed with Verdi jumping his socks off to finish 4th. Congrats must go to Ruslan for being the only clear, a great win!!

Finally once all the other classes were finished the Australian Championship course was built by international course builder Leopoldo. Apart from the hum of people shopping and the chatter and glass clinking from the VIP the feeling becomes a bit intense as the riders all focus down on the task at hand, to beat the course builder and to prove consistency over the course of the title. I think Dave was pretty happy to not be heading out last into the first round, Dy jumped great with an unlucky rail at fence 3. After round 1 he found himself at the top of the leader board going into the jump off round meaning he was last to jump. It all seemed a little eerie, like dejavu as this was the exact same situation as last year. The second round was tough and the time was shortened after Clem Smith whizzed around and made it look easy, which it was far from. Steven Hill was running 2nd., he had gone quick, with one down leaving Dave 1 rail and 1 time penalty up his sleeve, the pressure was on. I wished him luck and he cantered into the arena as the defending champion… 

He took the first outside turn as Dy felt great and he thought he would be equally as time efficient by going around. The second last line was a triple bar to a vertical and walked extremely short in the 4. Stevie on his scopey mare had been the only one to attempt the 3 strides and pulled it off. Dy jumped the triple bar big and shuffled not able to quite get enough room to the vertical and had it down. There were 2 fences to go and with only one time fault between them, he put his foot down. I could barely watch. He jumped the next oxer fast and took the inside line to the last, a very plain tall vertical, jumped it clear and crossed the finish line point something of a second under time. He then lapped around the arena as the new 2015 Australian Showjumping Champion. The second year in a row… 



Above: Dave and Tallara at the Australian Showjumping Championships in Werribee


Above: Tallara eagerly watching the events


Above: Dave walking the course