Stuart Tinney: Aug/15


Welcome to our August news. We are pleased to announce, John and Jane Pittards 'Pluto Mio' Corinna and Darren Huskinson's " War Hawk' and our own ' Carlchen' have been nominated for the Eventing Recognition Squad for their outstanding performances in Eventing.


Above: Stuart and Pluto Mio



Above: Stuart and Carlchen



Above: Stuart and War Hawk

Winter has well set in with some very cold spells. It's been a steady few weeks with only Sydney ode for Stuart and Gemma. Stuart had a brief trip to Rio Test while Karen and Gemma went off to Mudgee with 'Prado'. There was a dressage day at SIEC in the midst of the above too, where Stuart took out War Hawk while Karen with Queen Mary placed in both her tests.

We got some exciting news with the announcement of Stuart being placed on the High Performance Squad in a new tiered categorized list of riders. The highest tear being 'GOLD' where only 5 riders have been placed. These are podium or potential podium riders being aimed for the Olympic Games 2016.



SYDNEY Winter weekend ODE

With Stuart busy doing all 5 courses at SYDNEY ode, he still managed to take Pluto and Carlchen around, both getting a place. It is so lovely to have Pluto back- just hacking around the AdV/Inter for a 2nd without even trying. Carlchen stepped up to 3 star, taking it slow after his CCI** win a few weeks prior.

Gemma has taken the reins from Stuart on our own My Thai. Gemma was very keen to get a 2 star ride with Thai; and so for his first 2 star he came in with ease at a credible 7th in the open class. Prado also stepped up into 1 star with a 7th in the open. With very full days at SIEC it was great to have so many helpers - Thank you; you know who you all are

Below: Gemma on My Thai and Prado




The arenas and the Cross Country course are taking shape. The test event was only at 2 star level. The actual Olympics will be 4 star with added track and obstacles. The terrain is not too hilly. The days were warm (32 degrees) with mild humidity.

Stuart with the EA HPP took a very quick trip to Rio de Janeiro last week. It was very hectic with no time to get over the jet lag. From all accounts they hit the ground running, with alot to get through. The venue appears to be on track for its completion, however the infrastructure for those wanting to attend may be a concern with minimal accommodation and like most Olympics totally overpriced and for many unaffordable :( Start saving!!!!




This would be the first time we entered Mudgee ODE; A very friendly and organized event. Gemma only rode 'Prado' as she is in the middle of trails and HSC. Gemma had a super dressage test, where one judge gave her 80% (9 for her riding); we will take that score any time! Prado was just great all weekend finishing 3rd in the open class – He is certainly looking good for 2 star.


Above: Gemma and Prado at Mudgee

A few months ago we all came together for a photo shoot and article for The Horse Magazine (THM). The day was great and THM left us with some wonderful pictures. There may be bias but we felt that the article was a fabulous representation of us all.


Above: The Tinney’s article in The Horse Magazine



Equestriad- Pluto, Anna, War Hawk and Prado and Thai (Gemma)
Canberra: TBA possibly the same as above, plus Queen Mary and Carlchen.

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