Sam Lyle: July/14


Firstly I would like to congratulate the team that has just been selected for the WEG. It’s a really long road to team selection and now I can’t wait to watch them take on the world in France next month. Equally, I feel for those that just missed out – so heartbreaking for them.

Since my last update I have done a couple of competitions but mostly I have been busy coaching clinics. 

On the competition front the highlight was winning the Camden Equestriad CIC3* on Carson Hill. This was his first CIC3* and whilst I had faith he could put in a good performance I was really thrilled that he could pull off a win in such a good field. I had been working on his dressage with Brett Parbery and it payed off getting us a few extra marks. The show jumping was held at night time under lights and this affected some horses more than others. Carson has always been good in this phase but it was hard to know what his reaction to the lights would be. Luckily he handled it well and a clear round put him into 2nd place behind Craig Barrett and Sandhills Brillaire. On Sunday Craig took it a bit steady on cross country so a fast round enabled us to win the class.

The plan was then to go to Melbourne CCI3*, unfortunately this didn’t pan out. Carson got a deep bruise in his foot the week before Melbourne and we knew it just wasn’t worth the risk of taking him to the event. So whilst I would have loved to start him there we decided to save him for another day.

I then had clinics on five consecutive weekends covering areas as far south as Bega, as far north as Armidale and I also did a clinic in Perth. I was lucky for most of the clinics to have good weather and good students. I enjoy coaching especially when the students are keen and try hard.

More recently it was a busy week for us with 13 entries from our farm in the July SIEC midweek and weekend events. Like many others we used the two events as an opportunity to step some of the horses up a grade. I had 9 starters with 7 of them getting a ribbon. The star of our team was Beth Turner's Satch Hill who finished 2nd in the midweek CNC1* and then 2nd in his first CNC2* on the weekend. Our own Monte Walsh put in a solid performance for 3rd in the midweek 105 followed by 11th in his first CNC1*. Leah Scott’s talented Revelwood McKenzie was 5th in the midweek Ev105 and then 3rd in the same level on the weekend. A new ride for me is a lovely TB gelding named “Diamonds” - owned by the Meyers family. He placed 4th in the Ev80 for his first outing. Also at that level was Tinsletown (owned by Wendy Manning) who finished 5th. Nicky and Haunui Hill finished 4th in the Ev95 at the midweek followed by a really lovely round in his first Ev105 on Sunday.

I really have to thank the SIEC and Camden committees for their epic efforts running such huge numbers of horses at their events. We are lucky to have such motivated and innovative committees in the sport.

Looking ahead I plan to head to Tamworth, Camden, Canberra and Goulburn in the coming months.

Until next time





Above - Sam on Revelwood McKenzie


Above - Sam on Satch Hill