Judy Dierks: June/14

Team Dierks update for May-June

Sydney CDI approached very quickly this year and Team Dierks had a busy competition ahead with three days of competition, five horses and three riders.

Thursday was our first day of competition with Diamond Star winning the PSG CDI with 71% and a great test. Feramo K competed in the Grand Prix CDI (his third ever!) and scored 65% for 5th place. Stockharlin went through the first round of the 5yo class and scored 7.1 for 4th place.

On Friday Diamond Star put in another great test for 3rd place on 68% in the Inter I. While Sally and her horse Freetime did not advance to the second round of the 5yo, they won the consolation class. Stockharlin scored a nice 7.6 in the second round for 7th place. Celeste and her horse Jaybee Alonzo competed in the Advanced classes, placing 5th in 5.3 with 68% and 9th with 66% in the 5.2.

Saturday was our quietest day with the two freestyles in the evening. Diamond Star performed his Robbie Williams themed test to come 4th with 68%. Feramo K did his first Grand Prix freestyle and was doing such a fantastic test that Feramo believed he had done well enough to not do any tempi’s despite Judy’s best efforts – Judy was just dizzy after their canter pirouettes and it was way past Feramo’s bed time. He still scored 65% and we all had such a wonderful proud moment watching the duo perform.

This year’s CDI was a truly great show and the new surfaces were a huge improvement! Congratulations to all of the riders and horses who competed – the calibre and quality of horses and riding created stiff competition!

 Highlight Australia, had his moment in the spotlight with Judy at the June Hawkesbury Dressage Championships. The pair competed in the two Medium classes, winning the 4.2 with over 70% and a very close second (to her daughter!) in the 4.3 with 68%. Highlight was awarded MEDIUM CHAMPION!!

Not only was Highlight a champion this year, but he was also the 2013 Hawkesbury Dressage ELEMENTARY Champion! He is such a pleasure to have at our stables and is working beautifully under saddle with Judy.

The June DNSW competition followed the next weekend and the success kept on coming our way. Highlight and Judy competed in the two Medium classes, winning the 4.2 with 70% and placing 2nd in the 4.3 with 69%. The newest member of our show team made their debut today with Daniella; Gleisberg Champions League aka Champ, a very cute palomino Imported German Riding Pony stallion owned by Gayna Harvey, won the pony 2.1 with over 71% and also won the 1.2 with 68%. We are so excited with the progress these two stallions have been making lately and can't wait to see what the future holds! Sally and Freetime also competed, scoring a 68% in the 2.1 and placing 3rd.

On the second day of competition, Highlight made his debut in the Advanced classes, scoring 68% and 67% for two 2nd places. What a great start to competing Advanced! Rosetta also stepped up to the Advanced, winning one class with 67% and scoring 65% for 5th in the other. Belcam Riverside Kav had his first show with us, scoring 65% in the Advanced for 4th place.

Diamond Star also had a very successful show. He won both the PSG with a huge 71% and the Inter I with a great 69%. This guy is really stepping it up in the Small Tour classes!

It was a very big weekend for Team Dierks with 15 tests, 7 horses and 4 riders. It was such a big team effort that wouldn't have been possible without our lovely owners and supportive sponsor Coprice!

After a few big competitions, the Team was scheduled to be a part of the Horsedeals July feature article “Judy Dierks: She Knows What You Are Feeling”. Judy taught Sally and Celeste and the lesson was the basis for a great article. Be sure to pick up a copy for a great insight to Judy’s teaching and training style as well as a look into working at the C&J Dierks Advanced Dressage Training Centre and being a part of the team.


Coming Up:

DNSW Winter Festival – 12/13 July @ Clarendon

NSW State Championships – 1/2/3 August @ SIEC



Judy on Diamond Star



Judy on Feramo K



Judy on Highlight Australia



Daniella on Rosetta