Judy Dierks March News


The year 2013 was off to a flying start. The Christmas and New Year celebrations were over and Team Dierks was back down to business. First up we had the two-day Young Horse competition at Clarendon in January, which saw Vicki and Allan Newham’s two new imported 4yo stallions compete for the first time. Not only were they well behaved, they performed beyond our expectations. On the first day Stockharlin (ridden but Judy) received an 8.18 for 3rd and Sir Donnertanz (ridden by Daniella) scored a 7.82 for 5th. On the second day, Stockharlin scored 8.46 and 2nd place, and Sir Donnertanz scored 8.3 for 3rd.

With the first competition for the year under our belts, Team Dierks prepared for the February Clarendon event. Richmond H, owned by Melinda Hart, competed in his second ever PSG and placed 2nd with 66%. He also stepped up in the Advanced, winning one with 71% and placing 2nd in the other with 67%. Judy also rode Stockharlin in his first Novice test and really impressed us by scoring 72% for 4th place and again scoring over 8 in the 4yo class. Finally, one of our new additions to the stable, Blackie, owned by Sue Walker, had his debut competition with Daniella scoring 70% and 67% in the Novice.

March Clarendon came around too quickly, and this was going to be a big competition. It was a very busy weekend with nine tests for Team Dierks.Diamond Star had his first outing for the year winning the 5C with 67% and a very close 4th in the 5B with 69%. Richmond H scored a 68% for a 5th place in the 5B and a 63% for a 5th place in the PSG. Our latest addition to the team Noble Monarch owned by Suellen Saals and trained by Daniella impressed everyone by achieving a 70% for 2nd place in the 5B and a 65% for a 2nd  in the PSG.SS Welt Sonnet ridden by Daniella competed in the Preliminary 1B placing 3rd with a score of 71% and 65% in the 1C. Stockharlin also competed in the 2B scoring 69% and placing 3rd. Although it was a very long weekend for the team, it was successful and filled with well-behaved beautiful horses and fabulous owners.

In other news, Highlight Australia, owned by Jenalle Duffy, has been named Novice Horse of the Year on the 2012 Australian Dressage Leaderboard with a huge average of 77%. We are so proud of Highlight and are so lucky to have him on our team.

Diamond Star also had a successful win on the Australian Leaderboard taking home the Medium Horse of the Year with another big average score of 71%. This guy is another big star in our team and always makes us laugh with his cheeky ways.

Next week Stockharlin and Richmond H travel to Melbourne for Dressage and Jumping with the Stars. Stockharlin will compete in the 4yo class while Richmond will be competing in the PSP Cup Challenge. And here at home, Ulf Moeller will be conducting a two-day dressage clinic. The year so far has been busy but very successful. We are looking forward to DJWTS and know that our horses will perform to their best ability. Post Melbourne updates to come!!